White Cupcake Minis with Lime Cream Frosting

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I entered the shuk for the first time since returning to Be’er Sheva from my 6 weeks in China. A wave of happiness washed over me. I missed it. My weekly trips to buy produce and fruits among the before shabbos crowds can begin again. My eyes grew wider and I looked over at Katherine pointing to a vendor. “Are those…?” I said to her. “They look like them” she replied back. We walked over and breaking the skin to reveal the smell we both looked at each other with smiles and said “limes”.

I know it sounds crazy to get excited over limes and to even have to ask if something is a lime. But, in Israel lime season is terribly short (I missed it completely last year) and most times lemons are green and can be mistaken for limes (until that is, you get it home and become instantly disappointed when finding out its true nature). We don’t even have a bottle of lime juice in the stores to use in place of fresh squeezed. Needless to say, I bought a huge bag.

My husband and I were hosting the AMSA sale (where incoming students buy all the stuff 3rd year students leaving Israel sell) at our house. I, of course feel the need to feed people when they walk through my door and so I set to work baking all things delicious. Mini cupcakes are the perfect bite of goodness and wonderful for feeding crowds. I dug into my bag of limes and created a refreshing mini cupcake with the most delicious lime cream frosting. Seriously it is the most delicious. Like need an intervention delicious because someone may or may not walk in on you with your face in the mixing bowl. But, being caught with this frosting on your nose is totally worth it, trust me.


For Cupcake Batter

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup butter, softened
2 cups sugar
2 eggs
1 1/4 cups buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
zest of one lime

For Lime Cream Frosting

1 cup whipping cream
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
juice of 3 limes
lime zest for decorating


For Cupcakes

Preheat oven to 350F and line mini cupcake tins with liners.
In a mixing bowl, sift together flour, baking powder and salt.
In another mixing bowl cream the butter and then gradually add sugar, combine until light and fluffy.
Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition.
In a bowl combine buttermilk and vanilla.
Add the flour mixture and buttermilk mixture in batches to the butter mixture, starting and ending with the flour.
Mix until smooth and fold in lime zest.
Bake cupcakes for 10-15 minutes or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Let cool completely before frosting.

For Lime Cream Frosting

Beat whipping cream and powdered sugar together until soft peaks form.
Add lime juice and continue to beat until desired consistency is reached.
Frost cupcakes and sprinkle with lime zest.



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  1. Posted on: 9-9-2011

    I think I would have bought a huge bag, too. Limes are so versatile. I don’t know how I would cook without a little lime juice in my fridge all the time. These mini cupcakes look delicious.

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      Thanks Nicole! Unfortunately I have had to forgo using limes, but I bought enough now to last a pretty long time. Plus I can squeeze them and freeze the juice!!!

  2. Posted on: 9-9-2011

    Oh wow! I’m so glad you found those limes because these cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to try these soon!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      Thanks Sarah! Im pretty happy myself about these limes!

  3. Posted on: 9-9-2011

    I love lime!!! And I’m glad you found them in Israel …
    These cupcakes look lovely, and I’m sure they are fabulous!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      Thanks Giulia! Im still waiting on your first cupcakes!! 🙂

  4. Posted on: 9-9-2011

    Beautiful mini cupcakes! And the bit of lime zest on top is the perfect finishing tough~

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      Thanks Liz! Have a great weekend!

  5. Posted on: 9-9-2011

    LIMES!!! Need to juice them and freeze the juice! These were soooo good. I love the photo of the mini cupcake resting on the lime – really cute!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      LIMES!!! Will definitely be freezing the juice if I can only save some to do that! I keep using them up every time I buy them!

  6. Posted on: 9-10-2011

    These look delicious and your presentation is fantastic. Great job. Feel free to feed me any time. Enjoy your weekend.

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-10-2011

      Thanks so much Kim. Have a great weekend!!!

  7. Posted on: 9-10-2011

    I love cooking with lime, its a great ingredient whether for savoury dishes or dessert. Your cupcakes looks really lovely!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-11-2011

      Thanks Chopin, I love lime too in savory dishes and since finding them here have been cooking non stop with them!

  8. Posted on: 9-10-2011

    It doesn’t sound crazy to get excited over any food… including limes! … especially when cupcakes are in those limes’ futures! I love how whimsical your photos are!!!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-11-2011

      Thanks Tiffany! These are so cute, they were fun to photograph, though it was pretty annoying getting that little guy to balance long enough on the lime for me to get a picture!

  9. Posted on: 9-10-2011

    Love these little cuties! Lime icing sounds delicious too 🙂 Nice way to use your precious limes

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-11-2011

      Thanks Parsley! The lime icing is AH MAZING

  10. Posted on: 9-11-2011

    hi beth.. i guess i am lucky, we have plenty of lime grown locally and there’ more than one variety that are used for cooking. the cup cakes look very appetizing and cool.. i guess the lime adds an interesting flavor to it.. great to try this

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-11-2011

      Before moving to Israel I took for granted having every fruit and veggie available to me whenever I wanted it. Its definitely a change to have to cook with things only in season!

  11. Posted on: 9-11-2011

    These pictures are awesome and the cupcakes sound perfect. I love lime frosting!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-11-2011

      Thanks so much Cassie! I love lime frosting too and this frosting is seriously some of the best Ive had. One of those, “I made that?!” moments

  12. Posted on: 9-11-2011

    The look amazing 🙂

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011

      Thank you!!! They were 🙂

  13. Posted on: 9-11-2011

    these are damn cute!! Love love love it! Bookmarked 🙂

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011

      Thanks Grishma, there are few things cuter then mini cupcakes!!

  14. Posted on: 9-12-2011

    Ohhhhh what amazing mini cupcakes! I love the small cupcakes version… I find them too cute! And I am a big fan of limes! That frosting sounds so delicious! Bookmarked!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011

      Thanks Manu! I love small cupcakes too! Hope you try them out, they are so good!

  15. Posted on: 9-12-2011

    delicious looking cupcakes and colour

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011


  16. Posted on: 9-12-2011

    These are adorable! I love how small they are in comparison to the lime – too cute! 🙂

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011

      Hahah they do look super small compared to the lime!

  17. Posted on: 9-12-2011

    Lime cream frosting……so refreshing on top of these little cuties. Lovely job.

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-12-2011

      Thanks Briarrose!! The lime cream frosting is the best.

  18. Posted on: 9-12-2011

    I would be quite sad if I couldn’t have access to limes throughout the year. I love cooking with citrus. It really brightens the flavor of food. These cupcakes look lime-alicious!

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-13-2011

      It is reallllly sad Fran!!!

  19. Posted on: 9-13-2011

    LOL! Looking at the number of cupcakes, I can tell how excited you were to find lime!!!! 😀 These cupcakes are really cute. I love the pointing tip with lime zest. Waiting for me to have a big bite… muhahaha.

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-14-2011

      Hahah this made a ton of little cupcakes, but it worked out well because I had tons of hungry med students to feed and they ate them all up!!

  20. Posted on: 9-15-2011

    Oh, how I love my limes too! I have had a lime tree in the yard for years and it has produced hundreds of limes a season. We lost it this summer though and I’m soooo missing it.
    Love these little cupcakes!! They would make my day.

    • BethMichelle
      Posted on: 9-17-2011

      Thanks Kim! I wish I had a lime tree!!! How sad that you lost yours this summer!

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