I have been lucky enough to be in a place that allows me the freedom of travel. What  better way to experience a culture or place then through food? Even through my travels in Israel I have been able to taste new and amazing things. I hope to bring some of my travels with food to you through photos.

A Feast Through Northern Israel and the Beautiful Casa Caesarea

We called it our ‘babymoon’. Not my husband and I, but rather my best friend Katherine and I, because as we saw it, best friends need time before baby arrives too. We had a little two day adventure up to Northern Israel to discover Caesarea, Acre and Tsfat, three spots that steal my heart each time I visit. And, we spent the night in the most lovely bed and breakfast, Casa Caesarea.

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Bon Appetit, Paris

Ahhhh, Paris. The city of lights. Is there anything not to love? A walk down the Seine or a kiss under the Eiffel Tower. A day spent wandering the halls of the Louvre or capturing a glimpse of the city scape from atop the Sacre Coeur. Catching a concert outside Notre Dame or visiting the famed Moulin Rouge. Wandering the old cobble stone streets of the Quarter Latin or Le Marais or discovering Victor Hugo’s inspiration for Les Miserables. And, then there is the food. Oh! The food!!

When my husband surprised me with a trip to Paris for my 30th birthday I could not have been happier.

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Dumplings For Breakfast

When I sat down at the famous Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant in the Old City of Shanghai it was only 11am. I only had 24 hours in Shanghai and wasn’t about to waste any time on the usual hour long or more lines that form on each level of this 3 story restaurant. Though it was early, skipping xio long bao (soup dumplings) would have been like not buying a slice of pizza in NYC or passing up a dish of paella in Valencia, just couldn’t happen. And, so, dumplings for breakfast it was.

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Culinary Yangshuo, China and Gong Bao Chicken

Picture this; karst limestone peaks towering over the beautiful Li River where bamboo rafts float along. Crystal clear waters of the Yu Long river where children splash and play as people float down the water to the ancient Dragon Bridge. Cobble stone ancient streets of the old city where merchants hock  their goods to the touristy passerby. A food market tucked away on a busy main street selling everything from fruits to spices, noodles to meat. Days are spent rock climbing, lazying around the river or mopeding through the beautiful

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Beijing Night Market

When talking about night markets in China and creepy crawly snacks, the Donghuamen Night Market is what will be on everyones lips.

After reading about Donghuamen before leaving for China it was pushed up to the top of my “must do” list. As nightime fell on our second night in Beijing, we headed to off to explore the culinary delights it offered.

Located off the high end shopping street of Wangfujing, this culinary market boasts

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A Trip To Abu Ghosh, The Hummus Capital of Israel

Turning off of route 1 into Abu Ghosh, the hummus capital of Israel, the first thing in sight was The Lebanese Restaurant I have been reading about. I had driven an hour and a half north from Be’er Sheva with my friend Katherine and our husbands for hummus. I know that may sound ridiculous, an hour and a half trip for a bowl of hummus. To understand, you have to understand the importance of hummus here in Israel.

Israeli’s take their hummus very seriously

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Eating Your Way Through Istanbul and A Culinary Tour

The best way to learn about a culture is to immerse yourself in that countries food. For food is a universal language that is understood by everyone. Istanbul makes it easy to indulge in its culinary delights with the intoxicating smells of street food, spices, and kepob restaurants at every turn. It’s almost impossible not to get caught up in the food culture this city has to offer.

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Negev Culinary Tour

Living in Be’er Sheva, I have truly come to love the desert. Yes, in the summer it may feel like you live on the sun and every surface of your home may be covered in a thin layer of sand at all times, I still despite this, have fallen in love with the beauty and mystery of the desert, the Negev Desert.

The history alone here is something to be amazed by and the landscape can make anyone breathless.

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