Pregnancy Adventures

Being pregnant is an adventure in itself. Pair it with it being a first pregnancy and living in a foreign country and you get a roller coaster of an adventure!

In January 2012, I found out my husband and I were expecting. We were beyond ecstatic. Both new to being pregnant and becoming parents it has been a learning an experience and living in Israel, 1,000’s of miles away from everything we know, it has been scary, exciting, frustrating, hard, interesting, emotional, fun and totally weird.

I decided to upload my journal to this blog as a way to share my experiences with other moms and dads to be as I have found it comforting, enlightening, funny and helpful to read what others have been through, are going through and the advice they have to give. I hope some of my experiences and things that I have learned, I can comfort and help others with some of their questions, concerns and fears. I hope to connect with expecting parents and learn from them, laugh with them and cry with them through shared stories.

I am by no means an expert and am still learning everyday as to what is going on, from genetic testing to sonograms, cravings to emotional meltdowns, deciding on a name to dealing with gestational diabetes, it has definitely been a wild ride so far!

Getting pregnant was the easy part…….


The First Trimester

6 week ultrasound

I’m pretty sure feeling shocked and surprised is normal at this point. I’m having a baby and I have no idea what to expect or what I’m doing. I download iPhone apps and the Mayo clinic guide to pregnancy on my kindle. How is reading this book or looking at apps going to prepare me for what’s ahead?? Maybe I should just wait for the movie What to expect when your expecting to come out. OK, maybe not.

I feel that the Dr. should have given me some information. Like, anything that could help a totally lost woman on her first pregnancy. Give me something doc. All I got was a bunch of papers telling me to go get blood tests done each month because I never had CMV. What? Good thing Emanuel is a medical student and can explain everything to me.

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I’m Pregnant!

January 29, 2012: It’s only week 3 but I took a pregnancy test tonight even though it may be too early to tell. Emanuel and I argued over the outcome of the test. He thought there was a double line and if there was, it was way to faint to tell. Maybe I just couldn’t believe it or was scared at the thought, but I will take another one in the morning.

January 30, 2012: I took another pregnancy test this morning. This time I took a digital test that says either pregnant or not pregnant. No lines this time to dispute. I left the bathroom to start getting ready for the day because sitting waiting for the results would have been an agonizing 3 minutes! Emanuel on the other hand sat and waited and watched. He came out of the bathroom holding the test. “Beth….um it says pregnant” he said.  I walked over and said “yeah right”. It was our first time trying. We used a fertility monitor but still, the first time?! It was PREGNANT.

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