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Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

Chocolate Covered Beer MarshmallowsHappy New Year! Am I still allowed to say that even though we are halfway through January? Halfway. through. January. This is crazy. Time needs to slow down. It’s 2013. How did that happen? Where did 2012 go?

My posts are becoming more and more scarce as the days go by. Although I have been in the kitchen cooking, I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. Blame it on being the mother of an almost 4 month old little girl (4 month old! Again, time needs to slow down). I’m not really sure how all these mom bloggers out there with small babies at home have time to create and blog. They must have super powers I wasn’t told about. Even though Layla is a pretty easy baby, I still don’t have the time for much really. And, when she does sleep, I choose a hot shower over blog writing. Sorry. Before Layla was born, I was warned that a little thing like a shower would be an old past time. I laughed. But, I was wrong. Who would have known how much one can come to appreciate a shower this much? Seriously.

Appreciation for showers, take out, and friends. Friends that are supportive and helpful. Ones that come over and watch the baby so you can shower. Friends that can still make you laugh when you haven’t slept, have clothes full of spit up and a house that hasn’t been dusted in days. Friends who don’t mind having a baby crash brunch dates and dinner parties. Friends that have become family when yours is halfway across the globe. And, when one of these friends has a birthday, the best way to show your appreciation is with something homemade and from the heart. Like marshmallows.

Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

I’m totally over the whole cupcake craze. Though the little mini cakes are still delicious and lets face it, much more convenient than a whole cake, I’m ready for the trend to be finished. It’s time for cupcakes to turn over their reigning title as the dessert choice and make room for sweets that are a bit more original. Like artisan marshmallows.

Marshmallows may be a bit more tricky to make, but once you have mastered the basic recipe for them, the possibilities for flavors and shapes are limitless. My first go at marshmallows was awhile ago when I made homemade s’mores. Since then I have made maple bacon marshmallows and cinnamon marshmallows. And, when my best friend and fellow blogger Katherine‘s husband celebrated his birthday last month I combined his love of beer and chocolate into these, chocolate covered beer marshmallows.

At first the thought of a marshmallow flavored with beer, covered in chocolate and topped with crushed pretzels and sea salt, may sound like a strange combination. However, don’t be so quick to rule out this adult take on a childhood campfire favorite.

Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows



Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows


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