Chapati Recipe: Cooking For a Cause and a Giveaway

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Water. It is essential to everyday life. Can you imagine not being able to turn on your faucet and have a glass of water? Or how about not being able to boil a pot of water to make pasta? There are 840 million people in our world that this is a reality. Crazy right? 4,000 children a day die from unsafe drinking water. 4,000! It’s pretty wild that in today’s world there are people who dont wake up to a shower, cant brush their teeth, bathe their children, feed their families. That is why today I am dedicating my blog post to the water crisis plaguing our world. 

Along with being a total foodie and blogger, I am a Water Collective advocate. Water Collective is an organization dreamt up by my brother, Joshua and his friend Sophia. It is community development program that provides clean water solutions and income generating opportunities to communities in need by partnering with like minded organizations. Water is the source of life and economic growth and the Water Collective projects will provide clean water solutions as well as tools, support and education to have an everlasting effect. Water Collective isn’t just about raising money. They strive to make life long impact to the communities they work with.

Water Collective is in the stages of raising money for their first big project in two Ugandan cities where they will drill wells and bring fresh and clean drinking water to thousands of people. And, in honor of this I am hoping to spread the word and raise some money for the cause by making chapati and Water Collective is donating something awesome for me to give away to you wonderful readers!

Here is my call to action video!

[vimeo 29913405]

Chapati is an unleavened flatbread that is found all over Africa as well as India. My brother told me it was his favorite thing he ate while doing volunteer work in Uganda and being that water is the main ingredient next to flour, I thought it appropriate.

Here are a few photos of my brother learning to make chapati.

Chapati is super easy to make and tastes awesome. It can be rolled with other ingredients (Joshua said he loved making lentil burritos with them!) or they can be eaten as a side dish (which would be perfect with stews or curries). I made a basic chapati bread, one rolled with a fried egg and shredded cabbage (a big breakfast item in Uganda) and lastly put a little Israeli twist on it by sprinkling to top with za’atar.


2 cups whole wheat flour (you can use all purpose flour)
1 teaspoon salt
2 cups water
cooking oil
za’atar (optional)
egg and shredded cabbage (optional)


Mix flour and salt in a large mixing bowl.
Slowly, mix in water to make a thick dough.
On a floured work surface, kneed dough for a few minutes adding a flour if dough becomes too sticky.
Return dough to mixing bowl and cover bowl of dough with a clean cloth and let sit for about 30 minutes.
Lightly grease a skillet or fry pan and heat over medium heat.
Divided the dough into golf sized balls.
Using a rolling pin, on a floured board roll balls of dough into thin disks.
Fry until each side has golden-brown spots, flipping once.
(sprinkle tops with za’atar if desired or roll with a fried egg and shredded cabbage.)

Now, before I get to this amazing giveaway, I want to reach out to the blogging community and ask you all to take a stand against the water crisis and become part of this amazing Call To Action campaign. Because lets face it, we wouldn’t all be able to enjoy cooking and food and blogging as much as we all do without clean water right? All it takes to make a difference is for everyday people like you and me to get involved. By taking a few minutes out of your day to post on facebook or twitter or talk to your friends, you can help spread awareness about the water crisis plaguing our world. And, if you want to start making a direct difference right away, donate to my campaign page. 100% of donations go straight to the Uganda project and are tax deductible!! $5, $50, even $500, every bit matters to those in need. You can read more about Water Collective on their website.

In honor of this post Water Collective wants to give one of you lucky readers a copy of The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the foods and Flavors of Africa by Marcus Samuelsson.

You may know Marcus as a well known chef from the NYC restaurant, Aquavit. In The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the foods and Flavors of Africa Samuelsson channels his African roots with stunning photography, National Geographic worthy articles and mouth watering recipes that will allow you to branch out and try some new and delicious dishes that are sure to impress anyone. Trust me, you want this book in your collection.

To enter: (required)

  • ‘Like’ Water Collective on Facebook and come back to let me know you did!

For extra enteries:

  • Tweet or facebook about Water Collective or leave a link on your blog about this post and come back here to let me know!
  • Donate to the Call To Action campaign here
  • Share this post on facebook and come back to let me know!
  • This giveaway is open to everyone
  • I will be choosing the winner on via random number generator on October 23rd at 5pm EST, (midnight-Israeli time).
  • Winner will be notified at the email provided on the comment form.
  • Winner will receive a copy of The Soul of a New Cuisine: A Discovery of the foods and Flavors of Africa by Marcus Samuelsson.


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  1. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    I think it’s great what you’re doing. Bringing your cause into your blogging reaches a lot of people. Respect.

  2. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    It is so great that you are doing this and blogging to bring attention to the cause and the organization! Kudos to your brother for doing this. I would love to win Marcus Samuelsson’s new book! I liked Water collective on Facebook 🙂

  3. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    Tweeted!! Also – I forgot to mention how awesome those chapati look!! When I studied abroad in India we ate chapati (not rice or naan) with every single meal, and it was the utensil. Brings back amazing memories.

  4. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    I donated to Water Collective!

  5. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    And, finally, shared on Facebook 🙂

  6. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    What a wonderful cause…can you imagine the uproar in the states if we didn’t have clean water! I’ve never heard of chapati, but I’d happily sample some…it looks fabulous! I will donate after I comment.

  7. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    I like Water Collective on Facebook~

  8. Posted on: 10-8-2011

    I will tweet about Water Collective~

  9. Molly Sonenklar
    Posted on: 10-8-2011

    I liked the Water Collective page! This is a great initiative! Good luck 🙂

  10. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    I liked this wonderful cause on Facebook

  11. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Great post for a great cause! I liked Water Collective on FB!

  12. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    I’m really impressed by you and your brother. It’s not much but I made small contribution as a thought. Good luck Beth! I’m going to share with Twitter and Facebook now.

  13. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Liked Water Collective on FB (sorry forgot to mention in my previous comment entry). Shared on my fan page.

  14. Posted on: 10-9-2011


  15. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Just tweeted. Good luck!

  16. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Like Water Collective as Mi Tinita on fb

  17. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Shared post on fb :

  18. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Blogging is SUCH a great way to get your cause to the community. I do the same with promoting local farms! And for this recipe? Amazing. I can’t wait to try making it…especially with the zataar.

  19. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Wonderful cause and you should be proud of this post. Sorry not on twitter or facebook to pass along the word. The recipe does look amazing. Great post.

  20. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    What a wonderful cause! The book looks lovely, I follow MS’ blog. I’m a fan on Fb!

  21. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    What a great cause your brother and his friend are starting! And so amazing of you to be advocating it, as well. I couldn’t imagine life without water, but I know I take it for granted too. An amazing recipe as well Beth!

  22. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    This cause is so important.. and we definitely take water for granted!
    Also love your recipe.. I’ll make it for sure!
    I liked Water collective on FB

  23. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    I tweeted about Water Collective

  24. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    I shared this post on FB, tagging you and water collective!

  25. Posted on: 10-9-2011

    Kudos to you for taking a stand on this issue. It’s been near and dear to my husband and me as well. We actually did the web site for h2o Africa (Matt Damon’s effort to bring the water issue in Africa to the public) for a much reduce cost.

    The flat bread is gorgeous. Personally, I think that the za’atar shouldn’t be optional. 🙂

  26. Posted on: 10-10-2011

    What a great post! Love that flat bread.

  27. Posted on: 10-11-2011

    What a great cause….
    I liked water collective on FB.
    Great post…

  28. Maya@Foodiva's Kitchen
    Posted on: 10-11-2011

    Your brother and his friend are doing such an amazing thing. Water is something we all take for granted until we live somewhere where it’s premium. Bringing awareness to the water crisis is so important, and that’s why I’m supporting you in this cause.

    I always make chapatis at home too because my kids love it, and if I can get hold of za’atar I’d definitely add it!

  29. Posted on: 10-11-2011

    I was wondering how to make these. Thanks for the recipe!

  30. Posted on: 10-11-2011

    I liked Water Collective on Facebook, it’s such a worthy cause. I’ve also had homemade Chapati once and it was fantastic, and Marcus Samuelsson is an awesome cheef.

  31. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    Gosh, thank you for this post. I’ve been to Uganda and I also lived on (and loved) Chapati. I taught myself how to make it last year. So easy, and so good. Thanks for the info on Water Collective, your passion and call to action are so inspiring. Such a fantastic post. thanks!

  32. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    Thanks for spreading the word about Water Collective! I just watched a documentary (The Corporation) and a CEO in the movie said, “Water is the new gold.” It’s really scary how scarce it’s becoming…

  33. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    Water is such a basic we take it for granted. Water Collective is a great thing and those chapattis look amazing too! I liked Water Collective on facebook…

  34. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    I shared on facebook too..

  35. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    I tweeted too…

  36. Posted on: 10-12-2011

    You go girl!!! Awesome video, and FANTASTIC cause..
    Your pictures are just wowwwww..nicely done, now I am going to share this post!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU for reminding us all about it!!!!

  37. Posted on: 10-14-2011

    love this post. love this cause. love this recipe. great call to action!

    i’m heading off to share this post and i’m liking water collective on FB 🙂

  38. Carmen
    Posted on: 10-22-2011

    What a great cause! I’ve liked the Water Collective on Fb

  39. Posted on: 10-26-2011

    Thank you for your efforts!!! and delicious bread!

  40. Posted on: 11-3-2011

    I make every day Roti all most in one day 2 to 3 times. ur one looks super great. i like ur post thanks for sharing with us.

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