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Hi, Im Beth. I’m just your average mama trying to keep it real. I chase around my 2 little humans. I travel. I play. I love. I jam to my favorite music. I hold it all down on the home front. I try and bring the love, light and positive vibes on the daily, but lets face it, its not always easy. Oh, and cook. I cook a lot. And, I even bake. With my kids. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and hang with me a bit. I hope to inspire you to get in the kitchen and have fun.

Current home base: Greenville, NC

Former home base: Boynton Beach, FL – Long Island, NY- Be’er Sheva, Israel.. yeah, we move around a lot.


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18 thoughts on “About Me”

  • Like your site. Nami passed on your award! Wanted to come check you out as well! And I am SO SO SO jealous you’re going to culinary school. I think I’m going to have to add that to my Life List! Please share the experience on your blog too! xo, shannon

  • Okay, so I kid you not, my name is Michelle Beth, I’m also a foodie, and I’m living in Tel Aviv by way of California. Small world??

    • Michelle, thats wild! How long have you been in Israel? I will shoot you an email. My friend Katherine (who also has a great food blog) and I are always in Tel Aviv and always looking for new friends (that speak english!!)

  • Beth, your blog is one of the most beautiful blogs that I have come across. Great recipes and stunning photography! I will make sure to follow and comment your “travels through food” in the future!

    Thank you also for leaving a comment on my blog!

  • Loved visiting Israel and love your blog. I went to Israel expecting it to be Jewish. Well, Brookline and Newton Massachusetts are definitely more Jewish. Israel was EVERYTHING! Middle Eastern and RUSSIAN. You probably heard the joke “What you’ve been in Israel 6 months, and you don’t speak Russian?!” Note this must be said with what I call a pre-1960 East Rogers Park Chicago (Yiddish) accent. LOL But, in language, we ate well in Israel, both Middle Eastern and international food. Was also impressed by religion. I left prayers all over. Tucked some prayers at the Wall, for myself, (God does not care that I am not Jewish) and especially for friends back home who are Jewish. Left loads of prayers in all the churches, again for me, and also for my Catholic family and friends. Met so many interesting people from all over the world plus locals. Enjoyed hearing stories from Arab and Armenian Israelis. Missed meeting any of the Hasidics who were always racing off to pray or who were actively engaged in prayer. I will be exploring both your food and travel blogs. Hope all is still well with you, Beth Michelle. And that you have persevered in your Hebrew studies and culinary school. Looks like you have a toddler now. Notice your last post is 2013 🙂

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