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Bacon Caramel Truffles

December 31, 2011. An entire year has passed quite quickly leaving behind a trail of memories to be filed away with others from  years passed, broken promises waiting to be reborn and kept in the year ahead. Accomplishments put on the shelves and failures swept under the bed. Another birthday celebrated, another Thanksgiving dinner. A new favorite song, movie, food, etc.  Much laughter and some tears.

As I reflect on the this past year I am happy to be able to look back on it with no regrets.

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Gingerbread Scones with Dried Cherries and Dark Chocolate

Andy Williams once poetically sang; “Its the most wonderful time of the year”. And, he’s right. Seasonly themed music blaring from the radios, television shows and movies dedicated to your favorite time of year, holiday parties and family get togethers, overindulgence at it’s very best in forms of all things sugar. Cookie swaps in abundance and hot chocolate flowing like water. Crackling fireplaces and perfectly wrapped presents. The taste of peppermint lingering on your tongue for days

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Roasted Eggplant with Yogurt Sauce

I sat at my mothers kitchen table awaiting her arrival home from work, anxious, excited, giddy, ready to surprise her with my presence. I hadn’t been back to the states or seen my family since my move to Israel a year and a half ago and this reunion was long overdue. When she walked in the house and saw my husband and I sitting there with grins from ear to ear her first reaction was that she must be hallucinating. After glancing at my brother to get some reinforcement that what she was seeing was actually true,

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Sahlep Drink

As I sit here and write this, I am listening to the rain beat down on the awning above me that’s keeping me dry as I watch the drops fall on my front yard. I savor times like these. When you live where not one drop of water falls from the sky 10 months out of the year, you welcome rainy days, even if the rain lasts for only an hour.

It’s cool and damp, I’ve broken out my super cozy hooded sweatshirt and Uggs for the first time this year. The weather reminds me of when my husband and I traveled to Istanbul.

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Chili Chocolate Pear Upside Down Cake

It has been a while since I have posted anything new and I have been meaning to get  on the computer, sit down and write something new, post about my trip to Berlin and the amazing food I ate there. However, sometimes life gets in the way of doing things you want to do. Life and laryngitis. Now, finally after a 2 week hiatus I am back and so excited to resume regular blog posts!

Fall is arriving in Be’er Sheva and though it is way behind most of the world, it could not be more welcomed.

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Chapati Recipe: Cooking For a Cause and a Giveaway

Water. It is essential to everyday life. Can you imagine not being able to turn on your faucet and have a glass of water? Or how about not being able to boil a pot of water to make pasta? There are 840 million people in our world that this is a reality. Crazy right? 4,000 children a day die from unsafe drinking water. 4,000! It’s pretty wild that in today’s world there are people who dont wake up to a shower, cant brush their teeth, bathe their children, feed their families. That is why today I am dedicating my blog post to the water crisis plaguing our world. 

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Pumpkin Challah

There is not one Jewish holiday that doesn’t have a beautiful challah on the table. There is not one Friday night dinner that doesn’t have a challah on the table, there is not one bowl of chicken soup that isn’t accompanied by a slice or 2 of challah, in fact most of the best family meals include a fresh baked challah gracing the table. This past Rosh Hashanah was no exception to this unspoken challah law.

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Mascarpone Pomegranate Cheesecake

This past week marked the beginning of Rosh Hashanah (meaning literally ‘head of the year’), the  Jewish new year. In years past it meant sitting around my mothers dinning room table enjoying a feast (and I mean feast, my mother cooks for an army) with family and friends. Now being half way around the world my husband and I celebrate in our own way and started making some new holiday traditions. Traditions that also include a feast. Obviously.

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Mini Apple Tartlets with Pumpkin Spice Caramel Sauce

I miss fall *sigh*. The crisp fall air, changing colors of the leaves, chunky knitwear and boots. And, while most of the world is welcoming the change of season by sipping pumpkin spice lattes, pulling on knit tights, wearing their new Missoni for Target scarves, apple picking and getting wood ready for nights by the fireplace, I am still wearing shorts and sandals sipping on frozen lemonana, slathering on the sunscreen and blasting the AC.  But, just because I live in perpetual summer heat doesn’t mean I can’t (or wont) join in on all of the amazing fall flavors and baking. 

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Curried Ginger and Chili Mango Soup

I think the first thing that got me so into cooking was making soups. It was among the first things I learned to cook, besides my moms mac and cheese. Every holiday for as long as I can remember my mom would make huge pots of soup, each time trying a new one. I actually remember the first one she had me help make. It was a creamy broccoli cheese soup. I stood in the kitchen with her as we added all these wonderful ingredients to her ultra large soup pot.

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