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Bon Appetit, Paris

Ahhhh, Paris. The city of lights. Is there anything not to love? A walk down the Seine or a kiss under the Eiffel Tower. A day spent wandering the halls of the Louvre or capturing a glimpse of the city scape from atop the Sacre Coeur. Catching a concert outside Notre Dame or visiting the famed Moulin Rouge. Wandering the old cobble stone streets of the Quarter Latin or Le Marais or discovering Victor Hugo’s inspiration for Les Miserables. And, then there is the food. Oh! The food!!

When my husband surprised me with a trip to Paris for my 30th birthday I could not have been happier.

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Puffed Pastry Cinnamon Rolls, A Cookbook Review & Giveaway!

As you get older you tend to look back at people who have come into your life. Those that have stayed and those who went. Some who have made lasting impressions and some who were merely acquaintances. If you are lucky, you find people who become lifelong friends. They become your rock, your shoulder to cry on, your family.

When I moved across the world and left behind all that I knew. I found myself feeling like a young child again starting camp or being put in a class with none of my friends.

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Zucchini Keftedes

My poor husband. The past three months he has eaten falafel, frozen schnitzel and take out more than I would like to admit. Morning sickness prevented me from even letting him cook eggs in the house. The smell was too much to handle. But, he sucked it up and ate like a bachelor for the first time in almost 4 years. Though he said he didn’t care, I’m pretty sure there was a part of him that wanted the morning sickness to go away more than I did!

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Semolina Blood Orange Upside Down Cake

I know. It has been a while since I have been in the blogosphere. I haven’t posted anything new in 2 months and haven’t caught up on my favorite blogs in even longer than that. I have a good excuse. Really good. Promise.

Before I get into it I wanted to thank all of you who sent such lovely words of condolences on the passing of my Grandmother back in January. It is so heartwarming to get such beautiful comments and messages from friends I have made through this amazing food blog community. 

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Ebinger’s Yellow Layer Cake with Mocha Frosting and Hard Chocolate

Yesterday the world lost an incredibly amazing woman, my Nanny. And, this post is dedicated to her.

If my Nanny could tell us what she wanted today she would tell us to dress in our fanciest clothes, eat the best meal we could and use our finest china to do so, dance, sing, laugh. She lived everyday like that. She savored every moment in life, big or small. She had celebrations just because.

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Sweet and Spicy Plantain Chips

They could have just been unripened bananas, but luckily they were what I had anticipated. Plantains. Beautiful green plantains. They were sitting piled in the Tel Aviv shuk. Only one vendor had them and he was very proud to let us know that in fact they were bananas close cousin.

Living in Israel you get used to not having certain produce or products at your disposal and you learn to live without some of these delicious things. However every now and then you will be surprised at the hidden gems you can find hiding

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Spicy Tomato Soup with Fried Green Tomatoes

I have been wanting to post this recipe for some time now. However, when I started to write, I got completely sidetracked with thoughts of Idgie Thredgoode,  Ruth, Big George, Whistle Stop, Alabama and of course TOWANDA. Then I was downloading the movie and watching it before continuing on with my post. If you are completely lost by these names then you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing one of the greatest movies of the 90’s; Fried Green Tomatoes. And, you are missing out. Seriously, go watch it. Now.

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Homemade S’mores

Crackling flames of fire dancing in the night that warm faces and bring friends together on beautiful summer nights and cool fall evenings. The yellowish orange flames, always mesmerizing as you gaze into the large pile of wood ablaze in front of you. Bonfires are one of those things that no matter what your age is you enjoy it all the same.

As a child, bonfires symbolized summer nights at camp. Sitting around the fire by the lake, singing and watching the flames dance into the night sky.

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Cardamom Biscotti with White Chocolate and Cranberry

Ah lazy Saturday evenings. The weekend is coming to an end and the beginning of a new week is ahead of us (here in Israel the work week starts on Sunday) filled with errands and chores. It’s that wonderful time where the sun is still lingering onto the last hour of the day before setting over the horizon. Its beautiful evening glow creates rich colors on the streets. There’s that stillness outside that only comes at either dusk or dawn. My hoodie keeps my warm enough to not have to move inside quite yet. My little morkie, Marley, is asleep on my lap as I sip a cup of mint tea.

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Mushroom Soup with Puff Pastry Topping

There are places in the world that make you feel no more then a grain of sand on the beach. Places that open your eyes to the wonder and beauty of the earth. Places, that if you let it, bring peace to an otherwise chaotic life, stillness to an over analytical mind and comfort to a stressed soul. The Ramon Crater is my zen, one of my favorite places on earth.

It was the first place I returned to when I moved to Israel. The night after I arrived, my husband and our new friends ventured into the crater late at night

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