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Sabich (Iraqi-Jewish Eggplant Sandwich)

SabichI’ve written and erased 5 different sentences. After months of not blogging it’s harder than I would have thought to get back into. Besides having writers block from not putting a single word to paper in a long time, I don’t use ‘grown up’ words too often anymore. My vocabulary lately mostly consists of ‘babababa’ ‘dadadada’ and ‘mamamama’. Those are the 3 words (or sounds) my daughter likes to babble a lot and we have many a conversation using just that.

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Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows

Chocolate Covered Beer MarshmallowsHappy New Year! Am I still allowed to say that even though we are halfway through January? Halfway. through. January. This is crazy. Time needs to slow down. It’s 2013. How did that happen? Where did 2012 go?

My posts are becoming more and more scarce as the days go by. Although I have been in the kitchen cooking, I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. Blame it on being the mother of an almost 4 month old little girl (4 month old! Again, time needs to slow down).

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Marak Temani (Yemenite Beef Stew)

Walking around the Old City of Beer Sheva, its easy to pass by the many small and inconspicuous restaurants that dot the streets and small alleyways of this old Ottoman city. Many are worth passing up while others are hidden gems that are worth a second glance. So is true for Ha’bayit Ha’Temani (The house of Yemen), a small Yemenite restaurant that sits on one of  the main streets leading into the old city. 

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Something happens between Thanksgiving and New Years in the human mind where we throw caution to the wind and indulge in the most glutinous behavior possible. Well, that time of year is upon us. As soon as the leftover turkey and pumpkin pie have left our refrigerators, the holiday baking, cooking  and consuming begins with no rest for the weary. 

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Pecan Caramel Bark

An eerie silence fell over the city moments after  the news broke that Hamas’ military chief was assassinated. Parks were cleared out, schools and shops were closed and people took to their homes rather quickly. We sat and waited. When the first siren came it was almost a relief, the 2 hour waiting period for what we knew was coming was torture. From there it was a long night of hourly sirens.

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Pumpkin Streusel Muffins with Cream Cheese Filling

The caramel apple pie that’s baking in my oven sends the delicious aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg through the house. A sure sign that fall is here. A wonderful cool breeze rustles the leaves on the large pomegranate tree in my front yard, sending small leaves dancing down onto the ground. At only 4 in the afternoon the sun is setting leaving the sky a dull orange. The greatest season has finally made its way to my corner of the earth.

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Salted Cotton Candy Popcorn with White Chocolate Chips

The 9 months leading up to this day flew by in what seemed like the blink of an eye. And, at the same time dragged on for what felt like an eternity. It seems like yesterday I found out I was pregnant. And now as my due date draws closer, my stomach larger, my comfort level dwindling, I grew more and more anxious to meet my little girl.

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Shrimp, Bacon and Figs with Goat Cheese Quinoa Drizzled with Fig Balsamic

Last year in Israel, the harvests all came earlier than usual. Each fruit and vegetable season popping up weeks earlier then the year before. And, to my dismay when I returned to Israel from my 6 weeks in China last summer, I found that I had completely missed fig season. Not a fig in sight to be found. It was a painful realization.

Returning to Israel this summer after being in the States, I was sure that this would be my fate yet again.

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Caramel Apple Cheesecake Brownies

Today is my husband’s 30th birthday! Let’s all give a big Happy Birthday to Emanuel! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! With all the attention surrounding the pregnancy and the upcoming birth of our daughter (3 1/2 weeks to go!), he definitely deserves some love and attention. He has been the most supporting and loving partner these past 9 months and I am so proud to celebrate his life today!

I have spoken many times about how wonderful he is when our anniversary came around and how much of a rock he is for me on his last birthday.

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Mango Pomegranate Mousse

“Has an hour really passed?” I ask myself glancing at the clock. I shrug and get back to my computer screen. The hour melts into 2 without notice. I have to tear myself away from the computer. Force myself to pin no more (for the time being). I get up, stretch my legs, get some water and fight the urge to sit back down and continue scrolling through the amazing recipes, photos, clothing, house decor, and inspiration that is Pinterest.

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